sewing painting beastie making

Jazmin’s Glove Squirrel…kinda looks like a fox but I made it using the pattern for the chipmunk…oh well…Jaz likes it none the less…

Big Brained Cat Rabbit…no pattern used…just let the socks speak to me…lol…made this for Heidi for her birthday…$1.50 worth of socks…on sale at Target…

Ella’s Zarzak…Ella so loved my Halloween sock beastie from an art trade that I made her a Zarzak of her very own for X-mas…
From a kit off Amazon make your own sock monsters (John Murphy)

Chicken Headed Frog Chameleon…a chunk of a toe sock and a pair of cool girls socks left over big brain cat rabbit sock…and WA LA…chicken headed frog chameleon for Jazmin’s birthday…also this month…


Olivia’s Oonie…doesn’t quite look like the original Oonie…But I hope Olivia like it when she gets bigger…1 red heeled sock and baby safe eyes & nose…

Sock beastie family portrait…group portrait before shipping out the cat rabbit
can you see the resemblance?

In between the wedding, Olivia, and copious sewing I decided to repaint the trim in the kitchen…unknown to me Shamus was the QC on this job…can you tell what color I did the trim?

Course I was so on top of things I didn’t notice his new eye-shadow till it had dried…I managed to comb most of it out although he still has a few little dots of orange on the short hair…OY!


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