miss my dad

My dad died this morning at 5:45… I’m going to speak at his funeral…some how doubt I’ll do it without crying…that and I am so not a public speaker…this is what I’ve come up with:
So many people loved my dad…Honest Rog.  He was always there to lend a helping hand to his many friends, family, his kids and especially his grandkids and his great grandkids.

Our loss is still too fresh right now but one day we will all be able to reminise about dad with fewer tears and gentle smiles.
Dad riding the hay when the hayloft collapsed.
Dad in his uniform looking all spiffy.
Dad saying no when we put brand new babies on him but him hugging them nonetheless.
Dad giving big gentle bear hugs and wispering in our ears that he loved us.

Dad you touched so many hearts in so many ways.
You’ve been counted in my blessings ever day.
Thank you dad for deciding to be my dad.
I’ll miss you every day.

2 comments on “miss my dad

  1. Sorry to read of the death of your dad. I sometimes read this blog and found the two posts about speaking at funerals interesting http://kristiewest.com/. I didn’t speak at my dad’s funeral but sometimes wish I had. In some ways my blog has become my way of saying everything I would like to say..

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