sock beasties & movie viewing

Ape Armed Artist Slouch…made of a Halloween toddler sock…started on the 22nd completed on the 24th (of December 2011) buttons, a puff ball nose…fabulous artist beret made of the cuff of another sock finished off with a nifty scarf in case winter ever comes to Minnesota this year…Now live between the tubes on Jim’s amp…about 5 inches tall


Frank Anyway the long limbed quasi Steampunk monkey…Completed during a viewing (as it were) of 28 Day Later…although the eyes and nose are ‘safe’ definitely not baby proof…metal gears around the nose one eye and earring…made of a pair of knee highs so he’s quite tallish…very good at yoga! 12-26-11for sale (eventually)


Fusia Squiggle leggy sock monkey…super wiggle squiggly eyelashes, moth and belly button hand embroidered…safe eyes and nose but wouldn’t give this to a face chewing baby or toddler…she’s made of woman’s knee highs so she’s tie on-able and knot-able…made during a kinda-viewing of 28 weeks later…it was zombie day…12-26-11 for sale (eventually)


Palm Sized striped Hamster…made of one lone striped Halloween-ish sock…careful he does have a bit of pink eye in one eye…but since he has no eyelashes you don’t have to worry about any butterfly kisses…limey green curly lips and belly button…sits well on his flat butt…he has ‘safe’ eyes and nose but are they ever really safe?!?  Made during an all day festival of the 3rd season of the X-files…ah shoulder pads! Idea found in Socks Appeal by Brenna Maloney 12-24-11 for sale (eventually)


Fabulous Pink Zarlak…sorry not for sale…yeah I know…none the less…she’s made of a pair of chenille toe socks, an argyle anklet and a left over slab of pink argyle sock…her teeth ate the tips of to glove fingers…no one’s hand was in the glove at the time of amputation…she have incredibly intelligent eyes…look at them…can you feel the braininess? Wee heart nose…she’s so cute I thought for a second to keep her…she was made during a viewing of Platoon…yeah nothing like gratuitous violence to make a person creative in a cute way…She now lives with Jazmin…made using the book Make Your Own Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy 12-26-11


Sanrio Sock Cat…at first glance you’ll notice this doesn’t look remotely Sario…it’s the pair of toddler Sario socks I used to give this one a name…Stacked button eyes, nose and belly button make this one totally NOT baby proof…Sewn all be hand makes it not too hearty either…Huggable hand sized goofy gob… Made during an all day festival of the 3rd season of the X-files…ah big hair… Idea found in Socks Appeal by Brenna Maloney 12-25-11 for sale (eventually)


Rainbow Slouch Bunnia…hand sized sewn all by hand…Stacked button eyes and jingle bell buttons makes this wee beastie not baby proof…made of 2 girls ankle socks with a hand embroidered face, with 2 glove fingers for ears…a bit of a curved spine but if you stand him just right he doesn’t seem to mind… Made during an all day festival of the 3rd season of the X-files…ah boxy sedans…12-24-11 for sale (eventually)


Sweet Snow Flake Bunny…let us know if it’s ever going to snow in Minnesota!  Made of a pair of adult ankle socks…he has a cute expressive face…a stacked sequin/button nose…not baby proof…’safe’ eyes…hand embroidered wiggly lips with quite a few little whisker dots…stuffed sock toe tail and floppy ears… Made during an all day festival of the 3rd season of the X-files…ah…over acting and lots of make up! Idea found in Socks Appeal by Brenna Maloney 12-24-11 for sale (eventually)


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