plethora of plushies

Black & Grey yoga monkey….22 inches tall standing…alas he’s not overly muscular so standing really isn’t his forte’…perfect for a boy or a girl…has a curly wiggly grin and belly button in blue to match his lovely washer backed eyes.  Completed 1-8-12 Will be for sale on Etsy 


Doily Flower eyes…who needs makeup when you have flowers! Fun funky knee socks from Douber’s make this 19 inch skinny monkey too cute and feminine… washer backed eyes and nose with a wiggly lavender grin…completed 1-7-12 Will be for sale on Etsy 


Grape Striped ape…er Monkey…made of toddler knee socks that REALLY stretched…16 inches tall standing…he really doesn’t stand very well though…guess it’s that lack of bone and muscle…for sure not baby safe with the stacked button eyes and button nose….fun wiggly grin in white…completed 1-8-12 Will be for sale on Etsy 


iMonk…not an Apple product…lol…custom made baby safe monkey for a Facebook friend…the I is the initial for the little person who will be getting this hot pink orange grey and white yoga monkey…I think she turned out quite nice! Completed 1-11-12


Olivia Safe Monkey butt…Oliver picked out the socks at JoAnn fabrics and decided Olivia needed a monkey at my house…totally baby proof…embroidered lips, nose and ‘Olivia’…have the owl placed just right that it’s eyes are the monkeys eyes…the ears turned out funny so I guess this is a teddy monk…with super long knuckles dragging on the floor arms…now just need to wait for Liv to get big enough to play with it. Completed 1-7-12


Peace Monkey butt…22 inches tall yoga monkey made of cool peace sock my mom found for me…purple cat eyes and a fun purple button nose make her face cute…yes she’s a girl…see the eyelashes? Added a little more peace to her ears and finished her off with a peace ribbon…really can you have too much peace? Didn’t think so! Completed 1-10-12 Will be for sale on Etsy 


Plush Pile…some (not all) of the beasties I’ve made thus far that are waiting for their forever homes…three of these do have a home they’ll be going to soon…the others…totally for sale! 1-9-12


Shamus doesn’t like the doughnut…it’s not glazed… 1-9-12


Liv and Grandpa Jim having an in depth discussion about Dime Bag Darrel… 1-10-11


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