sock reassemblage

Anarchy Oonie…

had the black pom-poms just thought hey…I haven’t made an Emo, punk, or anarchy anybody yet…better get right on that!  He’s made of one original red heeled sock, the aforementioned black pom-poms, with washer backed eyes and hand embroidered anarchy symbol…the checked ribbon finishes his antidisestablishmentarianism look…even has his one ear pierced…so dark and lurking…lol…he’s about 9 inches tall…made while trying really hard not to watch the super bowl…2-5-12 available on Etsy:


Luv Piggie…made of a pair of rather clashy girly socks with lace cuffs…has super intelligent washer backed eyes with a gathered ribbon tail and a felt button heart on his/her arm…hand embroidered smile and eyebrows…about 8-9 inches tall standing…made during the doldrums of morning cable TV…2-4-12 available on Etsy:


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