Painting eyes & sock monkeys

Had an idea…at the moment it seemed OK…well it didn’t work…use floral foam to hold the eyes shank end up so I can paint them…well the foam was way crumbly and I didn’t really want green texture added to the eyes so……waste of foam…sigh…BUT I did manage to paint 48 pairs of eyes and one set of three (yeah there were 3 left so I guess I’ll be making a three eyed somebody) I noticed on a few that there are areas I didn’t fill in all the way…but since there are going on socks perhaps the imperfections won’t be noticed…I think they turned out quite lovely for first tries…used a few different paints: Golden Heavy Body acrylic, Jacquard Lumiere Acrylics for the lovely metallic, some cheap craftsmart from Walmart for the glitter, and glow in the dark… completed 12-25-12


Broke down and purchased 2 new pair of scissors…they work wonderfully!  The wee one can get right in there and nip one thread without messing up anything else…the larger ones slice through socks like butter! Found at:


Lucky yoga monkey…with the fun lime green eyes and sheepish grin he’s all ready for St. Patty’s day!  Machine and hand sewn with a hand embroidered grin…the washer backed plastic neon eyes are not truly baby safe…he’s about 40 inches tall standing although he’s a bit wiggly for standing…all wrapped up with a clover shoelace bow…completed 2-25-12 while waiting for the painted eyes to dry…will be for sale on Etsy: 


Not Quite Hounds-Tooth Monkey…made of mid-calf ladies socks…he has lovely blue mismatched washer backed eyes so he’s not really baby safe…he’s got a squeaker in his tummy just because…he’s machine and hand sewn with a hand embroidered grin…finished off with a bright zebra striped ribbon to match his eyes…he sits about 7 inches tall… completed 2-26-12 while trying to ignore the constant reruns on cable TV…will be for sale on Etsy: 

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