repurposing socks in March

Sock repurposing in the 1st weekend of march…

Machined on Saturday finished by hand on Sunday…Zarlak out of a pair of toe socks, Monkeys out of mid calf ladies socks and pink Oonie out of one pink red heeled sock…3-4-12 all will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 

Olivia photographed by Olie…think she was getting tired of the flash…3-4-12


Olivia in the head lights…post bananas for supper surprise…3-4-12


Olivia checking out goofy grandpa Jim…3-4-12


Green Mohawk Monkey…Likes: bopping daisies, napping on moss, and trying to walk on duckweed without getting wet.  Dislikes: lint, that wormy smell after it rains and pushy people. lol

Made of 2 mid calf ladies socks, machine and hand sewn…washer backed super green eyes painted by me J fun button nose I found at an occasional sale in Buffalo (baggy of buttons for 3 bucks!) hand embroidered smile and brows…Mohawk knotted with a dot of glue in each knot so it should last getting washed…completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


Small headed peas carrots corn and marshmallow (?) monkey…no idea how his head ended up so small…hmmm….perhaps his mismatched orange eyes make his head look tiny…well lets not dwell we’ll make him feel bad…he’s made of mid calf ladies socks…probably in celebration of St. Patties day…lots of green of late!  Machine and hand sewn…washer backed odd sized orange eyes…hand embroidered smile and brows with a stacked button nose…not baby proof but for sure kid, teen, adult proof! Completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


Super Girlie Pink Oonie…woo hoo pink red heeled socks! A wee girl would just love this little chunk of femininity, she’s huggy, squishy, loveable…her hat’s trimmed in fun pastel looped trim picked out by Jazmin…washer backed eyes maker ready for anyone not prone to chewing eyes off dolls…you know who you are…cut that out…she has uno ear and uno eyebrow of the regulation brown Oonie…J her bow says ‘It’s a Girl’ in case you couldn’t tell… Completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


Purple Striped Zarlakenstein…queue spooky music…OK so Purple isn’t really that terrifying…actually kinda cute with the to the side smile and big blue eyes…aw…machine and hand sewn from 2 toe socks and one purple anklet…I think this is a she…she has washer backed eyes as well as a washer backed nose…so not baby proof…well, and there’s her stacked button belly button…she’s super squishy, something about these fuzzy toe socks make the Zarlak rather portly…well rounded if you will… Completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


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