Operation Sock Monkey

Found a home for my over flow of Monkeys!!!


EEEEEEEEEEEE so very happy all the squished and screaming sock monkeys I have been mashing into a bin by the front door will have forever homes with children effected by trauma and crisis around the globe…My monkeys will be hugged by kids who’ve been forced to grow up way too fast perhaps having to leave their homes bring nothing to hug with, 😦 my monkeys won’t fix everything but maybe give a little comfort to a wee tattered heart…thus I tear up…sigh…Olie is working on his very frist monkey…no idea if he will be keeping her (she’s pink) or perhaps she’ll be going to Canada then for areas unknown to be hugged by a little girl some where…

Email from Operation Sock Monkey Headquarters

‘Hello Elaine!

Thank you for your wonderful email and offer of sock monkey delegate donation! Your sock monkeys are adorable and would be welcome on upcoming expeditions in 2012. Right now we’re planning to send delegations to Cambodia and, later in the year, Niger, West Africa. Monkey missions kind of develop through the year so there will be more monkey trips this year, just not sure where yet, but I’d be sure to keep you posted on the whereabouts of your delegates.

OSM Headquarters is located in Toronto and it’s actually impossible to buy the ‘regulation’ red heel socks here in Canada, so we don’t use ’em either! I love sock monkeys made out of colorful socks and call them funky monkeys- they are wonderful and would be most welcome. As for face-type, again, anything goes!’

Cool huh…I think my sock beastie niche has grown a little off shoot…think from now on for every sock beastie I make I’ll make sure I make a monkey to send away… gotta great start so far!


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