gathering of the monkeys

Olivia watching Shamus dance for his Beggin’ Strip…just a bit of shock and awe…with a dash of crunch…she’ll eventually have a very firm tummy! 3-6-12

Liv hugging her hot pink piggy…such cute eye brows! 3-6-12


Monkey Pile Olie got to pick from…quite a few monkeys to choose from to send to Operation Sock Monkey http://www.operationsockmonkey.comwe’re going to start with 7 monkeys…weird number yes…but 7 it is…this isn’t even All the monkeys I have in the squished screaming monkey bin. 3-6-12


Olie with the monkey pile…note he’s not smiling with all his teeth as he’s missing 3 teeth now…3-6-12


The chosen Operation Sock Monkey…(cue the Byzantine monk singing) hoping to ship these can’t-wait-to-be-hugged-by-some-special-kids monkeys on the 21st…of March that is! 3-6-12


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