Addicted to Crafting?



[n. ad-ikt; v. uh-dikt]




1. A person who is addicted  to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict.




Verb (used with object)


2. To cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on an addictive  substance, as alcohol or a narcotic.


3. To habituate or abandon (oneself) to something compulsively or obsessively: a writer addicted to the use of high flown language; children addicted to video games.




It must be possible to be addicted to making things…crafting…creating stuff from found objects…I find it quite impossible to sit with my hands quietly folded and just stare off into space…I have to be doing something…if not reading and watching TV (yes it is possible) I have to be chopping up socks for sock monkeys/monsters, gathering the eyes and accoutrements for said stuffed beasties…or mod podging previously sliced up papers, photos, magazines to something…preferably non living…lol…gathering fabrics into pleasing piles of yet unformed quilts…slicing and dicing piles of fabric into ready to be sewn piles of squares and strips…or if I want to actually gather information from the TV I have to still have my hands busy…stuffing socks beasties, hand sewing, hand quilting, hand paper piecing quilt blocks…even when out and about I’m constantly feeling fabric, checking out the drape, contemplating wooden or chipboard things for collage-ability…seeing designs in nature…wanting to burn them into my memory so I can recreate them somehow with something…Hoarfrost, clouds, diseased bark on a dying tree…weirdness could become something quite lovely if just the right paint is splashed on it…if the perfect fabric is edged with the perfect trim and dangled the right way…there it is…a furry chunk of fungus on the side of that one tree…remember?!?  Stuff that white sock the right kind of lumpy…there are the butt clouds after that one horrible storm that broke trees and damaged roofs but no one was hurt so it was all OK…


Am I a crafty addict or perhaps just damaged the right way that I can make something out of nothing and keep from going insane by doing so…



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