Actually worked on a quilt this weekend!

Olivia snoozing under her new Minky / Flannel lovie…36 inches square ish…3-25-12

Seeeeee even my juice is into the monkey ingredients! 3-23-12

Sock Monkey quilt very WIP…completed the log cabin blocks (8 total) and added a piece of the small monkey squares to make the belly button a square.  The blocks and square are all 17.5 inches square…sliced up a bunch of other monkey fabric to make the assorted borders…sock fabric = 1.5 inches, orange and green monkeys = 3.5 inches and the sock monkeys on cream fabrics = 5.5 inches…I’ll be adding square of bright blue with monkeys as corner stones…fabric for the log cabins came from Amazon, Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia, Douber’s in Waconia and X-mas fabric from Kris to the K 2010…some of the other fabrics are from and Etsy…quite the collection.  I have the feeling this quilt will be a bit sizable! 3-25-12


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