learning to sew

Guess who has started to learn to sew last night…YUP…Olie!

Hasn’t gotten the hang of the beginning knot yet but totally has buttons figured out and how to do theending knot! 4-9-12

Put the felt together to make a pillow…did a running stitch and whip stitch…stuffed it and sewed the opening shut.

he’s so proud he brought it to school today.  He worked steadily for 2 hours…such concentration!  He kept saying some day he’ll drive the sewing machine…some day may be sooner than later!

What a diligent little guy! Next I’ll teach him to patch holes…well just put a patch on something, probably felt again since it’s pretty easy to work with…when he’s a little taller we’ll tackle the sewing machine! 4-9-12

Olivia is almost smiling while watching her big brother sewing. 4-9-12


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