TRYING oops caps just trying

M’k…here goes…I hope to not hurt any feelings when I post about my experiences with Autism…but since those with Autism I live with a painfully honest (way painfully at times) I’d like to be honest too…sigh…this is hard since I know if I said any of this to anyone’s face I’d get the stink eye, pout and silent treatment all at once…not to mention things physically and figuratively thrown about…I have 2 people with Autism in my life currently people related to me…I do know quite a few others…in passing not day to day since I have no time for social anything…


My grandson whom I love dearly is PDD NOS…7 years old at the moment…he has good days and bad…when he has bad days he knows it and so does everyone else…there will be anger, frustration with a dollop of disobedience (dislike that word) Side note: be ready I tend to flit from thing to thing…my own personal confusion…OBEDIENCE…don’t like it…never expected it from my girls…actually wanted them to push the envelope when needed…lets face it respect is earned and so should be obedience…I don’t expect anyone to take my word for everything and I don’t return the favor…prove it…show me…explain…am I too scientific a mind? perhaps but unless you can show me or better yet do as you say and say as you do don’t expect me to blindly follow…I don’t expect my grandson to be obedient…he’s 7, it’s his job to push buttons, be put in his place, to learn from his mistakes and to better yet be allowed to make those mistakes in the 1st place…since he acquired his label which mind you is a better one than he started with…another day for that…everyone who knows his with a few irritating exceptions (those in TOTAL DENIAL) is on him…about everything…almost too much at times…I mean I get is he learns differently…comprehends differently…but if we are forever cracking the whip on his every move won’t we break him rather than teach him? how will he learn to explore on his own if he’s never left on his own? I don’t mean throw him out on the street with a PB&J in a bandanna I mean let him get dirty, let him make a mess, let him totally destroy something and then LET him figure out what to do next…of course with proper supervision…we planted some of his garden yesterday…HE LOVED IT…started out with gloves on so he wouldn’t get dirty…since we only had one pair I got quite filthy…tearing out dead stuff and creeping Charlie…eventually he took off the gloves…dirt up to elbows…all smiles tearing apart the masses of flowers to put them in pots, patting the ‘fire’ colored day lilies out of their pots…putting all the pots in recycling…breaking up all the old sunflower trees and putting them in the big bag for the brush pile…today after skills we’re back at work…He gets to decide where the new peonies will go…one red and one white…then make a row of dig marks along the house for the hostas…figure I’ll hold off on the leaf blower for this weekend…I don’t know how he’ll react to that horrid noise…we’re working on a small gnome garden too with these little button looking perennials that stay short…

Image me & Olie last year…

OK good 1st try at this dumping of my stress…:) no time for therapy for me…so this is it…and my insurance will pay for this…lol…hey…that’s kinda sad…sigh…


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