Kaffe Fassette quilt contemplation

I’ve always liked Kaffe Fassette fabrics…so painfully bright and busy…even though my stash of fabric is MASSIVE to say the least…I’d love to just make somethingout of some Kaffe Fassette fabric lets say it’s on my quilting bucket list!

well I went to fabric.com since the closest shop with the fabric I long for is a forty minute drive…a wee bit too far for me to justify the gas and time…sigh…would be nice to actually touch the fabric and see the colors with my eyes not through a computer screen…but I digress…


Here are the fabrics in my ‘shopping cart’ 1/2 yard of each as I can’t get smaller amounts

yup pink and orange…OUCH…thinking a solid black border or dark purple to match the purple in DG-123 and pink and orange prairie points…points probably out of different fabrics since I think I’ll be using all of this up…

and the block: hole in the barn door…12.5 square

I can picture it in my mind’s eye…my mind’s eye is currently on fire…I will probably make this…get it all done…and a baby girl will surely be born in need of it…which is fine…I start these silly things justKNOWING I’m going to keep this one…but then I locate fabric I like more…or someone’s born…well there ya go…I have my 2 quilts to sleep under and unless we have the next ice age any time soon 2 is enough… 🙂


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