Sewing in the rain

Had a few moments of indoor gardening during this weekend’s perpetual deluges…

Re-potted my Madagascar palm and gave him a few new succulent friends…we’ve had the palm since Tab was oh I think 7 or 8… May 5th 2012

We’ve a couple new orchids as well…Jaz repotted these as they were mashed into the same pot with moldy moss…hopefully they will survive now that they’re in their own pots with orchid substrate! May 5th 2012Completed the noisy lovies for the upcoming baby showers! Squeaker in one corner, rattle opposite and cellophane for crinkle in the 3rd…the 4th corner has a button hole for the plastic ring for easy attachment to stroller, car seat whatever…

Cherish’s Noisy Lovie is pink with frogs, blue with turtles and a lime green Minky backing…May 5th 2012

Cassie’s baby will be getting 9 different flannel squares with a minty flannel backing that has kind ofgreenie yellow baby items. Very cute…hoping for a girl as there are 2 pink squares…May 5th 2012

This one is my 1st try…not really happy with the way the button hole turned out…this was going to be the Cassie baby lovie but with the funky button hole…sigh…bummed but I think this will either go into the donation pile or one of those spur of the moment baby gifts…nonetheless…bright flannel squares for the front and yummy purple Minky for the back…May 5th 2012

The 9th block of the Cherish Sock Monkey quilt…WOO HOO…done with time to spare!

Think it turned out lovely and since it’s so massive more than 70 inches square this will cover the wee one for quite a while!

The backing is wicked fun tie died pink sheeting…very girlie for wee Cherish…looking forward to meeting her! May 6th 2012

The Cassie baby sock monkey quilt has begun…with the shower on the 23rd of June gotta get to work…yeah I’m shocked too…the belly button which has become the center slab of the quilt is 32 inches by 48 inches so far…fun peas and carrots checker board of 3 inch squares with sock monkeys…so my beginning contemplation for this quilt has changed…another shocker…oh well…I think it will still turn out LOVELY!!! May 6th 2012

Oliver made his very first brownies! I broke the egg but he did the rest! These were to darkest most Diabetes inducing brownies yet…Ghirardelli with chocolate on top… May 6th 2012

Olivia really thinking about crawling…really…some how she gets around without crawling so it will be interesting when she gets some locomotion! May 6th 2012

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