just a bit of gardening

Mind you I have no idea what some of these are…yeah I’m that kind of gardener…I go so far as to make sure the plants are where they may be happy…but who they are…well…

Alright I know this one is a massive funky mushroom eating at the dead stump in the yard…bigger than my hand…ooky

Honey suckle…:) still had the tag on it…HA…with a Hosta and copious weeds…with the cool Shamus Jaz found for me for mom’s day…I need to paint his eyes he appears a bit blind

totally purple iris…well I know what some of the plants are…

Jazmin’s Jack-in-the-pulpit…neato!

Oliver’s daisy looking thing…one of the few things in his garden actually blooming

Oliver’s purple leaved plant deal…um…yeah…kinda matches the dirt…

plants awaiting placement in the ground

the shade garden…bum-bum-bum (dramatic music) lots of hostas, some blood root no longer blooming, Dutchman’s britches also done blooming and a wee bleeding heart contemplating life…and WEEDS for one and all

Short fern with a violet

one of Jazmin’s many strawberries blooming…pay no attention to the creeping Charlie…he’s just creeping

The tall fern…hmmm some crane’s bill ah creeping Charlie and weeds caused by the bird feeder that has since been moved…weeds…sigh

can almost smell these too yummy…hey look…more creeping Charlie!


4 comments on “just a bit of gardening

  1. 🙂 I get super close so you can’t see the weeds or the fact that this is in a mobile home park…lol…sigh all this work and all we do is rent the lot…some day I dream of a yard that is really mine!

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