new fabric arrived

The fabric from arrived yesterday…

I waited till I was done gardening and feeding Olivia…then I opened the envelope…it is SO lovely in person! I may slice and dice the next available moment I have even though I’m currently working on a baby quilt…just so I can lay out a block and look at its luscious blinding combination of fabrics!

Here’s the block pattern: not grossly intricate as I want to see the fabrics specially the glorious floral belly buttons of the blocks…(internal happy dance) May 9th 2012

And in my boredom or perhaps it’s a want to use up some of the fabric lounging around my house waiting for a place to be I threw together a contemplation for all this fairy fabric that’s been piling up…Use Up All That Fairy Fabric Quilt-I’ll think up a better name for it once its being made!

Grey Squares = 6.5 inch fairy fabric

4-squares = 3.5 inch pink fairy flower and blue fairy fabric

Grey corner squares = 6.5 inch kitty fairy fabric

Sashing = 2.5 inch pink that goes with the pink fairy flower fabric

Light blue border inner = 6.5 sliced up fairy panels, yes I’m going to cut up panels…hey it might work out wicked cool, you never know! I have 2 or 3 fairy panels, I think they are 30 by 45 inches or so…

Lavender outer border…left over slabs cut into squares 6.5 inch perhaps…

If there are still left overs…all chopped into 3.5 inch squares for prairie points

I made this contemplation in WORD on a graph paper template, then frappe’d on a photo editor to make it a jpeg…copy & paste…it’s what I do…:P

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