very fine house quilt contrmplation

Our house is a very, very, very fine house…with 2 cats in the yard…life used to be so hard…quilt

House paper piece pattern located at:…free!

Printed up 9 of them blown up to

Won’t be sashing them…just putting them right next to each other on ‘postage stamp lots’ like in the big city

Will surround the belly button of the quilt with assorted shades of rainbow probably in 4.5 inch strips to make this a nice baby sized quilt or perhaps a wall hanging. Plan on making all the houses different with the same sky fabric. The middle house will be ‘my’ house…will be putting 2 cats in the yard most likely either using cat fabric as the large rectangle under the window or maybe trying out  my hand at a bit of appliqué’. Yet another idea for a quilt…printed the houses; that’s a start at least! May 11th 2012

I colored in the pattern in Gimp2 so I can see what color should go where easier…

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