a quilt named Applebee’s

A brain storm of a quilt called Applebee’s


Center block is already made…


note: the border around it is not asymmetrical…the photo editor just kind of cropped it that way… the middle block is called Apple-Bees for my first date with my now husband…yup Applebee’s at Ridgedale Mall and Jazmin was our chaperone. Even though I really don’t care for red I will probably keep this quilt if I ever make it since the middle block has meaning. 🙂 The red borders will be some sort of red apple fabric.

The blue border will be a blue batik to go with the blue in the center block. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the blue in the block or have any more as I got it in a swap, it’s a wonderful dappled blue with metallic gold sprinkled in…

the black and yellow borders will be oh I’m thinking 3.5 inch squares and either Amish solids or some fabulous batiks that are almost solid.

Of course the whole quilt will be finished up with yellow and black prairie points!

The corner blocks I think I’ll paper pieced bees and apples …I just need to locate the paper piece patterns I used…I made the center block over a year ago…I’m a touch flighty after I accomplish something and at the time the block itself was the accomplishment…who would think that far into the future to make a quilt out of a quilt block?!? Only thing is the apple is slightly larger than the bee sooooo I guess I’ll add borders to the bee till it’s the same size as the apple so the wide borders are the same width…I’m odd like that…

Okey Dokey so the apple paper pieced pattern can be found at: http://fandominstitches.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/pattern_ofenjen_apple.pdf


And here’s the sweet honey bee pattern: http://piecebynumber.com/honeybee.htm


The Applebee’Z quilt contemplated 5/18/2012


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