a little this & that during the Eclipse

‘Our House’ block # 2

…turquoise with bugs house and a lime Minky door… …used a wee piece of fruity ladies on the beach so someone would be peeking out of the window… any who this block is 8.5X8.5 inches square…paper pieced by hand… House paper piece pattern located at: http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card… free!

Shamus McSuchy-Myhre not even contemplating the eclipse…he’s so aloof with his snazzy hair cut! 5-20-12

The eclipse from Watertown MN…yup exciting…well the gnats gotta good meal out of us till we gave up. 5-20-12

um yeah…great shot of no one smiling after I said smile…lovely…Olie looks in pain…Jim has that er what look and Olivia really wants to eat some grass…OH YEAH and here’s an eclipse going on…5-20-12

Olivia was so excited by the evening’s entertainment she fell asleep on her phone…5-20-12

Oliver and his best friend Neal at Neal’s 6th birthday 5-19-12

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