tree hugger quilt idea

When I can’t actively make quilts…I plan them…guess I’ll have to pull a Methuselah to get them all done!

Tree hugger save the everything reduce that carbon foot print quilt…whew what a LONG name!

Center block is completed and is about 14 inches square…the pattern for the pine trees is FREE from: the center block will be sashed with something lime/Kermit the frog tummy…thinking 3.2 inch width.


The wide border is this FABULOUS save the whale, tree hugger, no nukes fabric from Kris to the K…it is SOOOOOOOOO neato I just had to throw a quilt idea together for it! The base color of the fabric is light ish turquoise with bright purples and green…the corner blocks will be paper pieced wonky houses in colors to go with this eye burning carbon foot print shrinking pile of giggle-ee-tude…in other words…haven’t decided yet! Wonky house pattern found FREE at:…

Another 3.2 width border of same or similar green border

Hmmm…perhaps a border of rainbow stripe OR I’ll make my own rainbow out of 2.5 by hmmm…6.5 inch strips…can you ever have too much rainbow?!? Corner blocks for the rainbow border?!? Small 6.5 inch paper pieced trees matching the center block…not totally matching of course since I made the center a few years ago.

Finish it all up with a 3.5 width green border (Good thing I have lots of Lime greens!)…with the ever popular rainbow prairie points in lieu of a binding…another eye burning spectacular yet to made but basically thought through quilted loveliness…will probably keep this one since it has the first paper pieced blocks I’ve ever made and the super special fabric from my friend!

Contemplated 5-23-2012


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