Sadly my sweet Tiberius the tarantula was found deceased Tuesday morning… 😦 I didn’t even have him a year…

😦 non arachnid loving people can’t understand how someone can become attached to a spider…sigh…I’ve been around spiders all my life heck you probably are within 10 feet of a few right now…My mom had tarantula’s till I was about 8…I’ve had my own tarantulas as soon as I could afford them… RIP Tiberius…

Mind you I’m not blindly replacing one beast with another…my daughter and I were out and about and found Endora…and yes it’s the same gravel well washed…

introducing Endora the Rosy haired tarantula…sex and age unknown (yeah I’m shocked too…well no) with her fuzzy legs spread out she’s about as big as my palm…she likes hanging out on the glass in the corner of her tank…OH yeah sh’s named after that fiery redheaded mom on Bewitched…


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