finished 1, working on another, contemplating more…quilts

Jungle bassinet lovie, baby blue backing hand quilted.  This will go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia  7-14-12

Our House baby quilt grew to an approximate twin sized quilt…62” X 78” I’ll quit adding rainbow borders now…still have prairie points to add to 2 hopefully 3 sides then I can bring it to my mom’s to sandwich it, it’s too massive to sandwich at my house…the backing will be rainbow peace symbols on white. Figure allot of machine quilting and I’ll hand quilt the houses…no idea where this one will live…pretty massive for a wall I’ll probably send it to a Heart baby/young adult at the children’s hospital since it’s pretty big.  If it’s too big for that I’ll send it to Project Linus or perhaps a battered woman’s shelter if I can find one that will take one lone quilt…7-15-12

Prairie point ready to be attached to the Our House quilt…I’m aiming for Tuesday for prairie Point adhesion 7-15-12


Picked up some fun Skelanimals flannel at Douber’s in Waconia (Yeah they had Skelanimals!) and a solid to go with each…backing will be this fabulous peace Minky…put together a boy pileand a girl pile…since I have a yard of each Minky these quilts will be 36 inches square…I’m sure I’ll have left overs of the flannel so I’ll be making a few other lovies with the flannel. These lovies will all go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia  7-14-12


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