quilt with a view

yesterday I posted wee paper pieced trees, this is what they will be going into
Quilt With A View contemplation: mostly paper pieced blocks of assorted sizes smallest being 3 inches finished.  All paper pieced blocks from Carol Doak’s book 300 Paper Pieced Block Patterns. House = block # 117 enlarged on copier to 10 inches square, Trees X 3 = block # 044 four inches square, Bird houses = block # 054 (one 4 inches square one elongated to 6X4), Flowers in pots X2 =  block # 103 three inches square, ‘Sun’ = block # 169 (I know it really doesn’t look like a sun, but I think it does the hint of rays quite nicely) 7.5 inches square. The 3D mini quilt which will be attached at the top only will probably something of the postage stamp variety with iron on batting so it hangs rather flat yet floppy…I’ll probably appliqué a wee cat or dog behind it because I can.  The rainbow will be made of left over strips from other quilts, stripes going the way indicated, vertical rather than horizontal; I should be able to get an entire rainbow’s worth of color in then. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll put 2 layers of batting under the rainbow so it can almost be Trapunto but not really…all fabrics used will be mostly batik except the rainbow and the mini quilt. The green grass will actually be fabric that looks like grass with clovers in it.  The blue sky will be assorted shades of blue, teal, sky colored batik. The quilt’s outer border will be brown/hopefully wood grain to look like a window sill. So when it’s all done I can have a quilt with a view at work since I don’t have access to an outside view. Haven’t decided if there will be prairie points or not yet… As of 7/24/2012 I have 2 trees done…this may take a while!

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