paper pieced house trailer pattern

I’ve been contemplating a quilt…YEAH…I’m shocked too! well in my search for house paper pieced block patterns I’ve found an assortment of regulation houses, a couple castles, a tent, a few bird houses and a couple dog houses all of which have been printed for when I can start this next pile of silliness…bummer is there were NO mobile home patterns…I saw an RV patterns for sale…but an RV isn’t a house trailer…SO here’s my attempt…note: yeah house trailers are a bit boxy

Mobile Home Trailer paper pieced quilt block…

Cut apart sections: a, b, c, & d…

// = sew these pieces together separately before adding them to the foundation

Ad ¼ inch to each section. Sew sections: a+b+c+d.  Completed block should be 8X6

Finished. Oh the gray thing on top is the satellite dish…and this trailer has no skirting.


I threw this together on WORD, print screened it into a photo editor and wa la…we shall see if it works!


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