sew many tiny houses

So many tiny houses quilt contemplation…have you noticed I make an awful lot of house quilts…hmmmm…subconsciously want a house?!?

OK a decision has been made…well…basically made…I have 31 house patterns of assorted sizes larges will be 12 inches square complete, the smallest is 2.5 X 2.5 inches complete…SO this will be quite interesting adding sashing here and there to get this monstrosity to work…not to mention this will take quite a while to accomplish since all the houses will be pieced by hand…some look relatively easy others have more pieces than I care to count at the moment…BUT the decision on the color(s) has been reached by kinda popular vote…allot of people like purple andpink so 15 houses will be pink and 15 will be purple, the biggest house (or the bellybutton of the quilt) will bepink and purple, all the houses with windows will have blue windows (for all the blue voters) and assorted shades of doors and roofs (the door and roof will both be from the same color family), green grass (dur) where present and all will have shades of night skies

Note: sad little graphic…this is one of the house patterns…all the houses do NOT look the same…in fact some are not houses…there’s a tent, a mushroom abode, a castle, a couple dog houses, a few bird houses and one rather odd mobile home trailer of my own devices …but you get the picture… frappe’d August 1st 2012…completed…HA!!! Some day and I will celebrate when that happens!


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