Fabric in all shapes and pre-cuts

Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, and Turnovers. . Oh My!
Everything You want to Know about the Latest Fabric Products


A Layer Cake is a Moda product made up of 40 – 10″ squares of a fabric line. Another fabric product beginners are sure to love, and, because of its larger size, offers more options to make quilt blocks. For a quick quilt, they can be use without cutting. . . Instead of using a Charm Pack, substitute 10″ square and adjust the length of the sashing and border to fit the larger size square.

Like the Jelly Roll before it, the Layer Cake previews 40 squares of fabric line is the prelude to yardage of the fabric line.


A Jelly Roll is made up of 40 strips of fabric, each 2 1/2″ by the fabric width (usually 41- 44″). Beginning quilters are attracted to this product because strips are precision cut, making cutting fabric in the quilt-making process easier.

The 40 strips of fabric which make up a Jelly Roll preview fabric lines and usually all of the fabrics in the line are represented. Sometimes multiple strips of a single fabric print are included (this usually depends on the number of fabrics in the line.) Once the fabric manufacturer decides which fabrics and how many strips are to be in the product preview, it is rolled up so that it looks like . . . . a Jelly Roll.


On the market for a little longer period than Jelly Rolls, a Charm Pack is a package of 5-inch square fabrics. Like Jelly Rolls, they preview new lines and give the quilter a sampling of that fabric line. Precision cut, they provide accuracy and simplicity to cutting and, as a result, are attractive to beginner quilters. Quilts designed for Charm Packs can often use additional fabrics for more complex quilt blocks, sashings, borders, backing and binding.

Unlike Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs vary in the number of five-inch squares included in a package, so check the label for that information. Because of this variation, prices may also vary.


Most quilters are familiar with this fabric product because it has been around for the longest. A fat quarter is a 1/2 yard of fabric which is then cut in half (so there are two fat quarters in a 1/2 yard of fabrics). Fat quarters measure 18″ x 21-22″, depending upon the width of the fabric used.

Fat quarters offer the quilter the option of purchasing smaller pieces of fabric that are required in many patterns, wider fabric choices for scrappy quilts, and generally a more inexpensive way to expand the quilter’s STASH!

What can you get from one Fat Quarter? (18” X 22”)

You can cut:

99 – 2” squares

56 – 2.5” squares

42 – 3” squares

30 – 3” squares

20 – 4” squares

16 – 4.5” squares

12 – 5” squares

12 – 5.5” squares

9 – 6” squares

6 – 6.5” squares

Made up of 40- 6″ precision-cut squares the squares are then cut diagonally to make 80 triangles. The fabrics in the Turnover are samples of all of the fabrics in a line. The photo shows “Oh Cherry Oh” by 3 Sisters for Moda. A quick way to make half-square triangles and other shapes.


Good enough to eat.  Precision-cut and representing all fabrics in a line, the Honey Bun is made up of 40 strips – 1 ½” x WOF (width of fabric).

Now You Know…


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