Quilts at the Fair…MN…

Quilts at the fair…

After searching ever building…really every one…we located quilts in the agriculture building…this fabulous paper pieced X-mas wreath caught my eye…such tiny pieces! August 10th 2012

Purple Black & White, beautiful color combination! And hand quilted, hand embroidered…so many of the quilts on display were machine quilted…took a bit of searching to find hand stitching… August 10th 2012

Minty and cabbage rose…another hand quilted beauty! August 10th 2012

Quilting demonstration, a group of ladies had a frame and quilt set up and were hand quilting a top made in the 30’s, not a reproduction these fabrics and the top were made way back when…beautiful! August 10th 2012

While I was admiring their tiny stitches one lady asked if I was a quilter…perhaps my tattoos were a dead give away (LOL) after a brief chat I was invited back from 6 to 8 to help on the next quilt as one of the ladies had cancelled…WOW…not to mention ouch…I’ve never worked on a frame with the quilt to tight…I never really got into the groove with the needling…I’m a one with the rather large block head…wow I have a huge head…Ok enough of that silliness… August 10th 2012


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