Sewing Adventures of a 3 day weekend

  • Who could have thought I could actually get so much accomplished in a mere 3 days?!?


Found these blocks while tidying my fabric stash, Jim made the template for these out of Plexiglas for me so I could get a consistent sized house…yes houses again…I had already put the sky pieces on these and put them away…got this fun laundry day fabric for no apparent reason and wa la the next quilt I’ll be sending out to be quilted…this quilt is about 45 inches by 54.5 inches…couldn’t locate the tape measure so I had to use my ruler…I’ll have to bring this with to the quilt shop to locate the perfect backing… August 11th 2012

Home is Where the Heart is quilt getting ready to be sent out to be quilted at Rose of Sharon in CA this is quite a leap for me…I’ve never (and still don’t) think my quilts are good enough to warrant being professionally quilted…but I figured lets give this a try…I’m much faster at piecing than quilting and this way I can get more quilts donated… J August 10th 2012

Next box of sock beasties being sent to Operation Sock Monkey in Canada… yeah I know they aren’t all monkeys…one kinda looks like a bear, and there’s a bunny and an Oonie in there…on and a Kitty made out of Hello Kitty socks…I think they’ll all get some love! Boxed up and shipped on August 11th 2012…

Pile of out going fabric happiness…monkeys and fabric RAOK to quilter friends… August 11th 2012

What’s fabulous is I got this on my face book page…here’s one of my moneys getting his new friend…As my heart swells to popping…I’ll have to squish in some more monkey production between quilts to keep those monkeys going! This is why I make stuff to send away…heavens I am so happy this wee beastie made of socks and stuffing will be keeping this little person company! August 13th 2012

QWAV (Quilt with a View) is coming together quite nicely! All the block patterns were found in the book: 300 Paper Pieced Quilt Block Patterns by Carol Doak.  The disk for the computer that came with the book is great, you fill in the finished size block you want, hit print and there ya go…perfect blocks every time! August 12 2012

QWAV (Quilt with a View) quilt top COMPLETE (happy dance)! All the block patterns were found in the book: 300 Paper Pieced Quilt Block Patterns by Carol Doak.  Seems to be hanging funny, I used thin iron on batting for this project as it will eventually live in my cubicle at work.  It measures 34 inches by 35 inches before I finished the edge…LOVE this it is turning out just like I wanted it to! August 12th 2012

QWAV (Quilt with a View) wee quilt hanging on the line…I dare say yanking 6 strands of embroidery floss through Batik is not easy at all! But the clothes line look dandy as to those tine wooden clothes pins…total cuteness! August 12th 2012

QWAV (Quilt with a View) peeking Shamus! I just knew I had one lone Shamus schnauzer left and thankfully I found him before my head exploded…hate when I know something exists but can’t find it…well here he is hiding in the drying wash…I’ll know he’s there but I can’t say as anyone at work will think to lift the tiny quilt to see who’s behind it… August 12th 2012


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