Favorite Quilt Block Patterns

Which block patterns do you just LOVE to piece for your quilts?!?

Hmmm let’s see…one of the first blocks I learned was the Hole in the Barn door or sometimes called monkey wrenchhttp://www.jeannesquilting.com/free/barn.html I really like this block because it is so versatile, you can use 3 or more colors of fabrics…even mix and match the outer triangles so the completed quilt top will have even more design to it!

Next would be the Square in a Square (in a square in a square infinity) I bought a pattern called tropical depression which turned out to be a simple square in a square block pattern, but once you got all your block pieced your top looked like wee hurricanes…I’ve also used this pattern as an eye spy with a different fun belly button for each block and all different outer triangles to add to the flow of movement across the top.

I love the idea of eye spy quilts for babies and children…so much that I had my sweet hubby make me different geometric shapes out of Plexiglas to make fussy cutting easier…once I get enough sashing added to the center shape I plan on trimming them all square, slightly wonky…this will be a fun quilt for babies and kids alike!

Since I’ve become a paper piecing fanatic and so love the ‘perfect’ look of the completed blocks I’ve searched high and low through books and the web for as many patterns as possible, I should be kept busy well into the next millennium lol…Houses and trees are my current passion…I have growing piles of each so one fine day I’ll have 2 tops made, one of pink and purple houses, the other will be a sprawling pine forest full of fabulous greens and earthy brown with peeks of blue sky…my own personal old grove forest if you will!


Well there are my bits of block insanity, what are your favorite blocks or patterns to work with in your quilted happiness?!?


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