cookie muncher, hairy brows, FABRIC babee

Olivia (9 months)

munching a messy cookie after supper…Shamus loves tidying up the area once she’s done eating! 8-20-12

Shamus in all his hairy glory is usually within inches of Olivia during meals…through those massive eyebrows he can see the merest crumb falling to the floor! 8-20-12

This little peeker trying to get on my lap is why I don’t try to quilt when she’s up…she seems to have elastic man arms and can grab what I’m working on and throw it on the floor before I know what’s happening…I’m usually sitting there just holding the needle looking at those big brown eyes while the dog lays all over what just landed on the floor…they’re in cahoots! 8-20-12

Yummy fabrics from Auntie Rhy in CO! Olie helped make color piles…we see a boy quilt, a baby quilt, the piece lower right I’ll just use as a panel it has a jouster and fun dragon aspects…the purple/lavender will join the Olivia Picked it quilt (a gathering of fabrics Olivia touched when I was going through a pile of fabric, amazingly all girlie). 8-20-12


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