Tiny House quilt beginning…fla las!

Impromptu mushroom house

…1st house for the Tiny Houses pink and purple houses quilt… this pattern is found at:http://artisania.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/mushroom-house-quilt-b… FREE! What’s wicked cool about this quilt is many of the patterns are free on the internet! I’ll note which pattern is from where as I get the blocks accomplished…mind you this is a long range, VERY long range adventure…who knows how long it will take me to get all the blocks made by hand then made into a monster quilt! This block is 8.5 X 8.5 inches square…the messed up on the window by using another pink rather than blue…sigh…oh well…since I’ll be embroidering the door knob I will probably embroider around the window in a contrast color to make it pop a bit more.  Completed in lieu of sleep on August 28th 2012


Jaz did some photography of our more fabulously colored flowers

Morning Glories

A weed sunflower that planted it self

One of her super yummy roses

Jazmin’s Dinosaur tree…a little over 2 feet tall now

Virginia of the creeper climbing up the resident Box elder tree…


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