Box o Leg wear Critters n Olivia hamminess

Operation Sock Monkey box (#3) ready to squish shut, whew took muscles I didn’t think I had to get this shut…and Olivia kept trying to help the Oonies on top escape, finally after much squishing and squashing and almost taping Shamus and Olivia to the box I got it closed…16 beasts of leg wear origin smashed unceremoniously into a not quite big enough box…hope the USPS doesn’t mind kinda round boxes rolling around on their trucks! September 4th 2012

Olivia future postal carrier rearranging the boxes around the living room most of the evening…perhaps she’ll aim for UPS I think she’d look nifty in brown! September 4th 2012

Olivia sharing her teeth…all four of them…finally Liv has found her inner cheesiness! September 4th 2012

Olivia with a side of ham…quite the nostril shot…look no pureed peas/pears/beans/spinach! September 4th 2012

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