Foot Wear Simians & Olivia

I am out of monkeys…can you believe it?!? Cha going into withdrawal…

so started chopping up socks last night, have a pile of 6 disembodied simians so far…will be making a few mutt monkeys out of left overs as well…cutting down the knee highs to make regular legged monkey butts since the yoga monkeys take up so much space in the box when it comes to shipping…Operation Sock Monkey box # 3 is on it’s way…sigh box was over weight so the postage was a bit irritating…but still less than gas would cost to drive them there personally J No idea how long it takes a box of leg wear critters to get from Minnesota to Canada…but they should be delivered on a silver platters for the amount of postage…OK enough of my postage rant! J More fabulous sock monkeys to make this weekend…September 7th 2012

Found the cutest puddin’ head on my desk this morning!  She found she can make Neena yell when she types emails with her toes…So if anyone gets an email that you totally cannot decipher…it’s from Olivia…saying g’morning and the bobble head tastes dusty! September 7th 2012


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