Shamus, Kids, SOUP

Ah the furnace is back on occasionally…Shamus loves having a nice warm spot to get toasty on! September 22nd2012

Olivia is a bit uncertain about this new little person on mom’s lap…

Mya is content for the moment… September 22nd 2012

Oliver has a rather silly grin… September 22nd 2012


Bean & Ham Soup

Perfect for using up those left overs or using ham steaks!




½ pound smoked ham cubed (smoked ads all of the flavor you’ll need)

2 – 26oz. unsalted chicken stock

1 – 15oz Great Northern Beans rinsed (adequate or okey dokey beans work too)

1 – 12oz petite carrots

1 – 4ox packet of onion soup mix

¼ cup frozen spinach

1 tablespoon parsley

8oz fresh sliced mushrooms


Dump everything unceremoniously into the crock pot; oh you can ad a little ceremony if you must.  Stir well.  Simmer in crock pot for at least 8 hours on low or until carrots are tender.  The second day of this soup is the best!

This amount will feed quite heartily a family of 4 for 2 meals. Is extra yummy with grilled Swiss cheese on 7 grain bread!


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