SOCKS…sorting, contemplating

Sock Sorting with Olivia September 25th 2012

Got out the big bucket –o- assorted socks and I put together piles of monkey while she took all the socks, knee highs, anklets, and booties out and contemplated them as a whole…a whole pile of mismatched multicolored silliness.  Some of these will become your basic monkey…others will still be monkey in face but since their legs will be too short –I used just over the ankle socks rather thanover the calf socks – I’m adding baby socks/booties to the ends of the legs so they won’t be too stubby…not exactly like the big brained cat…these monkeys will have regular monkey arms…and no massive brain…


A few will probably be stubby though…just because all kids are different so are their monkeys.  No idea how many monkeys I chopped up last night…a few were already given eyes and noses to get the show on the road.

I have a plethora of super short socks, the type that get sucked into your shoe as you walk.  Gotta come up with an idea for them other than just the

Lucky (legless, really how lucky can that be) Kitty…lucky kitty take 1 ½ super short socks…sigh…perhaps over the weekend I’ll think up something fabulous!


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