Monkey Business

Twenty four more monkeys ‘eyed’ and a few ‘nosed’…they’re rather hollow and humorless at the moment.  I think one of them may just stay with me though, upper right hand corner, has color combinations I really like! You can’t tell with them all deflated but I think they will be fabulous! September 26th 2012

Stubby legged monkey faced tail free beastie made for a tutorial I made up last night.  Think he turned out pretty fun, in spite of having a rather phallic appearance about half way through the process…Thankfully once he got his arms, ears and personality, he looks like himself! First tutorial I’ve made, I’m hoping someone will try it out and let me know if it works! Tutorial can be found at:… I’m planning on doing a sock monkey tutorial this weekend! September 26th 2012

So many button choices for the tutorial monkey butt I think his name will be Tut (pronounced Toot) September 26th2012


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