Stubby-Legged-monkey-faced-tail-free-sock-beastie Tutorial

Stubby-Legged-monkey-faced-tail-free-sock-beastie made of 1 pair of anklet socks.

You will need:

1 pair (2) anklets, they don’t need to match, A sewing machine (you can hand stitch this entire beast but I use a machine to make them resilient to hugs and washing) fiber fill/stuffing, weighted poly beans if you want your beastie to sit, a hand sewing needle, thread to match the socks, embroidery floss that contrasts to the muzzle heel color, 2 button for eyes or 2 washer backed plastic eyes, 1 button for the nose or 1 washer backed plastic nose,  a few buttons for the chest, a pom-pom or bit of lace for the top of the hat, ribbon for around the neck, something fun to hang from the ribbon, and last but not least a dollop of adventure…this beastie will become what you want it to, this is not an animal of any sort and isn’t based on the human form, let your imagination run amuck!


Note before you start: If this monkey if for an infant/toddler or someone who chews on things it is best to hand embroider the features like the nose, eyes and buttons so there is no chance of choking.  Also you may want to make the arms shorter so there’s no chance of strangulation.  Sewing arms and ears 2-3 rounds of stitching will help your monkey survive the mauling of a young child also.

Slice anklet # 1 almost to heel and the same amount on opposite side of anklet; you will be making 2 slices, not removing anything.  these will be the stubby legs.

Turning the sock inside out; release the cuff by nipping threads if any. This gives you more sock to work with; on some socks this area is made thinner than the sock itself, trim this off as it is weaker than the rest of the sock and won’t look good on the end of the foot.

This is your chopped up sock # 1, turned inside out and ready to sew!

Out of 2nd sock cut heel about ½ inch from the color (if the heel is the same color as the sock I guess you’ll have to wing it).

Out of remaining toe section cut 2 arms.

Fold the remaining sock in half (you will have 4 layers) trim the cut ends so everything is even.

At the folded end trim curves to round the ears.  Snip the remaining fold.  You should have 4 ear pieces.

This is your chopped up sock # 2, the cuff can be saved for another project.  Those little crumbles are the only wasted parts, not to bad!

Turn inside out and machine sew stubby legs.  Use a ½ inch seam so the sock won’t fray and open the seam. Remember to back stitch at the beginning and the end of seam.  Note: I put labels on the beasties I make…so this isn’t really added to the instructions…

Machine Sew all parts right sides together, use a ½ inch seam so the sock won’t fray and open the seam, remembering to back stitch at the beginning and end, turn right side out.

Slice 1 inch opening where the monkey muzzle will go.  Turn right side out. If you’re using washer backed eyes, install them now about ¼ inch above slice in sock.  Button eyes can be sewn on after the beastie is sewn together

I usually sew the ears by hand (right sides together) since it’s easier to control a hand sewing needle when working with smaller pieces.

your pile of sewn body parts, turned right side out.

If you’re using a washer backed nose install it just above the center of the heel/monkey muzzle. If you’re using a button nose it can be sewn on after the beastie is sewn together.

Stuff everything (except ears), squishy, don’t stuff too firmly, this beastie is meant to be huggable.  Put weighted poly beans in the lower body area after stuffing the legs if you want your beastie to sit solidly. If your socks have a looser weave you may want to put the beans in a square of cotton that’s tied shut so the beans don’t find their way out of the buns.

Hand Sew monkey muzzle over slice in face making sure to encompass entire slice.

Leave about ½ inch open for stuffing the muzzle. Stuff the muzzle so it stands out nicely from the face.

Hand Sew remaining muzzle shut.

Hand Sew on arms and tail/ear if any were made.  Arm placement will decide length of neck and torso…pin before sewing so you have them right where you want them.

Embroider a silly grin on the monkey muzzle. You can draw the grin using a wash away marker or pencil…then back stitch.  You can leave the knots on the outside, they look like dimples. I back stitched using all 6 strands of floss for a bolder grin. While you’re embroidering you can add eyebrows, eye lashes, a heart on the chest…live it up!

Add buttons down the chest.

Add pompom or lace to top of hat. I used a tiny crocheted doily and a pom-pom

Tie a ribbon around the neck; add a trinket or a fun little something to dangle.

Your Stubby-Legged-monkey-faced-tail-free-sock-beastie is now complete…Install hugs as needed!

To make this beastie different instead of having the heel of the 1st sock being butt the turn so the heel is a pot belly, put the muzzle on the opposite side.  Now your beastie will look very well fed!

To wash your sock beastie place him/her into a pillowcase and tie it shut.  The pillowcase keeps you sock beasties washer backed eyes from becoming scratched from the washer/dryer. I learned this the hard way. Even if your beastie has embroidered features this will keep your beastie from getting snagged by zippers, buttons or Velcro. Throw your sock beastie in with a load of wash then dry in the dryer. No bleach please.


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