Socky Deconstruction

Yet another pile of sock monkey and or beastie flesh ready to sew! 6 monkey shaped monkeys, 3 pink Oonies, 3 mini stubby legged monkey/beasties, and a whopping 14 stubby legged monkey/beasties, even a Sponge Bob beastie! Well I guess I’ll be sewing very soon!  Think I’ll search for more Oonie socks too since I am now officially out of red heeled socks…yeah I’m shocked too! October 2nd 2012

This poor lipless wonder does nothing but mumble much like Neo in the Matrix skip to 3:07…icky! OK the monkey doesn’t look like he’s having THAT bad a day…he’ll get his lips and a lovely set of buttons very soon so he can be an active participant in sock simian society. October 2nd 2012


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