fabulous socks…can’t have too many!

The latest batch of socks from Target and Douber’s in Waconia…

I guess at this time in history these could be the batch of politically correct all inclusive socks…Argyle for the fabulously educated (mind you I’m not being all stereotypical here or anything) Clashy socks for the hipsters, Halloweenie for the pagans out there all ready for Samhain 😉 Plaid for the oldsters (is that even politically correct?) Rather unattractive kind of Hawaiian socks for well they were pretty ugly and I have to make a few for sure male monkeys…sorry guys…ugly socks just scream dude to me…a wee pair of kitty socks for all those lonely cat ladies out there…hmmm who did I miss? Well the stripes are for every one I missed >sheepish grin< those super tiny red and white socks are being saved for a really cute beastie I found in the book Stray Sock Sewing, Too: More Super-Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by: Daniel you’ll just have to wait till I get him done, I don’t think he has a name…just wee tiny cute beastie.  As of this moment in time all of these lovely socks have already been chopped unceremoniously into empty simian bits and pieces, no longer whole they wait patiently to become a sock beasties.  On a side note…I had quite the avalanche of sock monkeys last night, I moved the wrong thing on the sewing table and about 30 or so completed sock beasts slid onto the floor in an almost silent rush…Shamus just looked on as I struggled with the bin of ribbon which also fell sending spools unrolling across the floor and grabbing a few monkeys by assorted limbs while the rest flopped bonelessly all over the living room…quite the sight…Jim giggled…bummer he didn’t have the camera that was probably a Kodak moment if there ever was one at our house!


Fantabulous embroidery floss found at Douber’s in Waconia where we stopped on a whim…whim shopping, definitely not cost effective! Almost bought all the packages of these lovely blendings, 2 for Jazmin’s bracelets one for sock beast grins…can’t wait to use some of this on the next monkey butt! October 17th 2012

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