Monkey Madness not to be confused with Reefer Madness

Monkey Madness…

A Cautionary tale features a fictionalized… OK not really fiction as I am quite real…and highly exaggerated take on the purchase, dismemberment and reconstruction of foot wear of assorted variety and quality. No cartel socks were used in the making of these monkeys.  A singleton of a monkey maker will lead innocent socks into the depths of madness to become monkeys or perhaps the dreaded Zarlak!  You too can become addicted skipping wild parties to stay home with some Jazz music playing or what ever you have lying about to slice up some fabulous foot coverings and create new life out of them in the form of simian silliness!

The insane amount of sock animal life made in about the last month or so…don’t try to locate a 12 step program for me…I’m too far gone…I can’t even purchase socks to actually wear now without contemplating what kind of beast might be lurking in the print/texture/stretch…out of control!  In fact I bought socks to actually wear with an outfit and Jaz thought for sure I’d be making someone out of them…I still may after they go through the wash…

Monkey Madness!!! Like reefer madness but without all the coughing and weird dancing, in glorious full Technicolor not coming to theaters near you October 19th 2012


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