sewing foot wear critters

So much more fun than winterizing the house!!!

5 of the 9 or 10 stubby-legged-baby-safe-rattle-tummied-anklet-beasties destined for God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia  They are WIP thus far; I want to get all the Lilliputians sewn together before embroidering all their wee cute faces on.  Love the silly alien on the lower right with his funny antennas and tail.  Most of these anklets were a set from Walmart, the Argyle is from Target, and the alien sock were from Lady Foot Locker, outrageous prices but fabulous colors! October 28th 2012

The last of the almost finished monkeys is now finished! The Doily eyed Harlequin monkey…this one seems male in spite of the doily eyes!  He has an odd button nose and 3 assorted buttons down his chest.  Embroidered grim matches the doilies.  He’ll be going to with the very next shipment! October 27th 2012

Oliver’s wee man…This little dude will be residing in Olie’s X-mas stocking till the big day…Olie picked out the sock, the smallest baby sock I had…super tiny newborn…took me a while but I managed to get this little dude all done by hand for Oliver.  French knot eyes and a tiny button on his chest.  Note: tape measure…he is very tiny! October 27th 2012

Well the basket is smashed full I think it’s time to ship a few beasties out before I start having escapes! Zarlaks, monkeys, wee beasties…most if not all will eventually find their way to Operation Sock Monkey in Canada and go from there to the 4 corners of the planet in search of a wee person to love! October 29th 2012


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