wee fry and lollipop heads

Babies in their new nursery…thanks Jim! The wee fry love not being eaten! November 9th 2012

Lollipop headed baby safe dolls all cut out and ready to go! Pattern found at http://dux-x-bellorum.deviantart.com/art/Little-People-Pattern-3363… for FREE!!! used up all my fleece scraps…November 9th2012

Batch of lollipop headed baby safe dollies…squeakers in the tummy and rattle in their heads…hand embroidered faces…loopy ears will be getting a plastic ring after their baths for easy attachment to strollers and such!  Pattern found at http://dux-x-bellorum.deviantart.com/art/Little-People-Pattern-3363…

Detail of the lollipop heads November 11th 2012


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