flannel for teeny diapers and Yorik

more flannel for teeny tears diapers…all ironed now and I already cut up the vibrant rainbow and white with dots…1/2 yard made 8 large sets (16 diapers) and 3 tiny sets (6 diapers). I have wonderfully fat piles of diapers to sew now! all of this was found at Walmart…yeah probably not the most hearty of flannels…fabrics on the left are 1/2 yards and the great mostly boyish flannels on the right are fat quarters…Olie picked out the colors and Olivia snuggles the fat quarters as we kept shopping…the fat quarters were in rolls and tied in ribbon so there were no stickers for her to remove 🙂

The patterns for the diapers can be found at http://teenytears.blogspot.com/

These when completed will find their way to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia and I hope a couple hospitals here in MN too…>tears/p>

November 14th 2012


Ah Yorik…never mind the spelling…he glows in the dark and I LOVE HIM…this is the neatest surprise in the mail yet…he traveled all the way from Finland to live in my plant life during the day and glow spookily at night!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU mystery artist…you did a wonderful job on Yorik!


Received through artcrossing group # 7270-05M (Deviantart)

November 14th 2012


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