what are you thankful for?!?

What are you thankful for? Having merely 26 letters to work with you’ll notice a few have multiples…go figure…I don’t color in the lines either!


A is for Autism Awareness

B is for Beauty, see it

C is for Creativity Six Degrees

D is for Dear Ol’ Dad

E is for Employment

F is for Family & Friends

G is for God’s Tiny Angels

H is for Haiti by Hand

I is for Idiosyncrasies

J is for Jazmin & Jim

K is for Kris

L is for Love

M is for Me

N is for Nature

O is for Oliver & Olivia & Operation Sock Monkey

P is for Peace


R is for Raring to go

S is for Sharing & Shamus

T is for Tabitha & Teeny Tears

U is for Uvula for no other reason than it’s a U

V is for Various abilities

W is for Walking

X is for xiphosuran, wicked cool beastie

Y is for YEAH

Z is for Zealousness

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