thanksgiving sewing, new kitty, tacky tree

Teeny Tears 18 week gestation sized diapers will be going to God’s Tiny Angels  after the New Year. November 25th 2012

Teeny Tears 18 week gestation diapers will be going to Banner Churchill Hospital… in Fallon NV along with 6 sets of 28 week sized teeny diapers this coming Wednesday. November 23rd 2012

Oliver and Olivia’s X-mas stockings hung from the shelf with care…er…thumb tacks… November 25th 2012

The lollipop head dollies all washed and have their plastic rings in place for shipment to God’s Tiny Angels  after the New Year November 23rd 2012

13 fabulous sock creatures will be going to Clown without Borders on their way to Sinovuyo Caring Families Project in South Africa  November 27th 2012

Non black Friday Sale kitten saved from being squished on the highway.  We think she’s a she…her name is PUNKin Pooky Butt…We do hope she’s Feline Leukemia negative so she can live out her little orange life with us…November 23rd 2012

PUNKin being a squinty Mc Squinter at the camera November 23rd 2012

Shamus pre hair cut checking out the fat Thanksgiving snowflakes. November 22nd 2012

Shamus enjoying a well deserved post hair cut snooze November 24th 2012

Shamus looking right at the camera for a change…weird…November 25th 2012

Thanksgiving cactus looking lovely! November 22nd 2012

The tacky sassy pink Xmas tree ready to blind all who enter the house! Yes that’s an unfinished guitar body hanging from the ceiling…um…yeah November 22nd 2012


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