a little happy…a little sad…

It is with heavy heart I shopped my favorite quilt shop with the understanding that it is for salehttp://www.heavenlypatchworkquiltshop.com/index.html …Oh to have $ and business sense I would so snatch it right up if only to keep it in existence for all the quilters in the area… >tears< I just hope someone will buy it and keep it a fabulous quilt shop…hinting to anyone out there in the mood for a business to own…hint…hint…but I digress…purchased this lovely pile of fat quarters and yardage to make teeny diapers out of…have the fat quarters all chopped up already…LOVE the elephants and owls…so cute! No idea where these teeny diapers will eventually be going…

on a postal note I shipped out my first batch of teeny diapers to Banner Churchill hospital in Fallon Nevada via Teen Tears http://teenytears.blogspot.com yesterday…also shipped out the bulging box of sock critters to Clown without Boarders South Africa http://cwbsa.org and the holiday monkey swap for 6 Degrees of Creativityhttp://6degreesofcreativity.wordpress.com holiday monkey is on his way to Italy…ITALY…wicked cool!…there’s something fulfilling about going into the post office with the arm load of packages and knowing they’re all on their way to making someone’s day! Let’s making it the giving season 365 days per year…really lets! I’ll get off my soap box now… November 29th 2012


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