Sewing – Beasties – Meatloaf…not all at once!

Teeny 18 week gestation diapers will be going to God’s Tiny Angels December 2nd 2012

Equally as teeny 28 week gestation diapers ready for their 2nd sewing and safety pins.  These will be going to God’s Tiny Angels too.  December 2nd 2012

My computer buddy Shamus.

Eventually he sprawls on my toes keeping them nice and warm…pay no attention to the hideous early 70’s linoleum.  December 2nd 2012

Pumpkin fresh out of her bath…what a little sweetie! December 2nd 2012

Pumpkin checking out Jim’s finger December 2nd 2012

Shamus checking out Pumpkin checking out Jim…all on my lap! December 2nd 2012

My holiday conglomeration on my printer at work…I still need to locate a wee Kwanza decoration and I hope I have most of the December holidays covered! December 3rd 2012


Meatloaf Cord on Bleu

Ham and Swiss cheese stuffed meatloaf that sticks to your ribs, especially if you eat it!




2 pounds 93% fat ground beef

2 Eggs, lightly beaten

½ white onion diced

1 seven ounce can sliced mushrooms, drained

one 1.5 ounce packet McCormick meat loaf mix (pay no attention to the directions on the packet)

One 2.5 Idaho Spuds natural potato flakes (again, ignore the directions)

¼ cup plain bread crumbs

6 slices Sargento ultra thin sliced Swiss cheese

6 pieces of deli sliced black forest ham.


Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. In another large bowl drop in 2 pound beef, the 2 eggs, onion and mushrooms, start mashing it together…note the dampness…dump in the dry ingredients…continue mashing it all together, you may have to get your hands in there to totally blend it all nicely. Wash you hands…oy, the gunk under the nails!


Lay out a nice long piece of waxed paper…2 feet outa do…flop the loaf out of the bowl and flatten it to about ½ inch thick and oh 18 inches long…about 10 inches wide give or take.  Isn’t that lovely?!?  Place your cheese about 2 inches in from all sides…layer the ham the same.  Using the waxed paper, start rolling your loaf much like a cinnamon roll.  Pinch the ends so cheese and ham don’t escape.  Mush the flappy end also. When putting your loaf in the crock pot place the flappy (well should be mashed into place) end down to help hold in the cheese and ham.


Cook on low for about 4 hours or until your meat thermometer reads 180 degrees.

This meaty masterpiece is fabulous with Ketchup (or catsup) mashed potatoes and green beans!  This should feed a family of 4 quite nicely!


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