the perfect toenail of a moon in the morning

taking a pic of the moon 12-11-12


Today in the darkness of morning Olie and I saw the sliver of a moon with a very bright star above it.  We pulled over on the road and with 4 way flashers a flashing tried to capture it on the camera…I set it for a long exposure and no flash…ugh didn’t work…once we got to Gumma’s house we stood in her drive way leaning on the jeep, holding our breath, both of us holding the camera still at the same time…wiggly jiggly looking light on the pictures…we looked at all the pictures and noticed they all kind of jiggled in the same way and decided it must have been out heart beats going though our hands into the camera during the long exposure…guess I’ll invest in a small tripod I can carry with the camera and perhaps next time the moon is especially lovely I can actually get a photo of it with out the bum-bump wiggle! December 11th 2012

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