Adventures in sizing

I reduced the small Teeny diaper pattern in Picasa making it fit into a 5X7 frame, just to see if I could in fact make an even teenier diaper perhaps for a pendant or a wee broach for a grandma or Auntie of an angel…so incredibly wee…these haven’t had the top stitching done yet but already you can see the dramatic size difference with the tape measure.  Holding the teeniest in your hand really shows it…it fits my thumb.  Oliver pointed out that he could use another one; I let him know the next single I make is for him.  Think I’ll invest in some pin backs for these super teenies and send one with each set I have so all three match. The organization is Teeny Tears the patterns can be found here also. December 19th 2012

oLIE BRAND NEWOlie horizontal stoic

Happy 8th birthday Oliver!


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